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Makes the hands soft as well as cleaned.
Am loving all products I’ve purchased.

Bathroom Claener

Fantastic product for the bathroom cleans and smells great.

The Best!

It’s really been so good using this - so easy and it smells amazing 🤩

Thanks Sathi, we love the smell too!

Bathroom cleaner is fabulous

Cleans so well, fragrance is wonderful, and it’s free of horrid chemicals. What’s not to like?

Thank you Sharon!

Eucloe Bathroom Claner

I have used this product for 2 years in my small cleaning business, excellent results all round especially when dealing with mould, also a clean and lingering smell. I use on all surfaces.

Appreciate that Rhyna!

Fabulous product

The fragrance is wonderful and I feel confident that this enhances the hygiene of my bedding and mattresses.

Refreshing Citrus & Sage Blend Home Spray

What a Welcome & Refreshing Spray - Citrus & Sage - It was quite exciting to walk around the house spraying here and there and then go outside and return to smell the rooms where I had sprayed this sensational, refreshing Home Spray!! Yet Again another beautiful and refreshing Home Spray by Euclove. Thank You!!

Cheers Lyn, appreciate you taking the time to let us know!

Uplifting & Inspiring Cleaning Products

Great cleaning kit - I feel somewhat uplifted after using the Bathroom cleaner the sensational clove oil as well as the Kitchen cleaner. Would totally recommend all the products in the Euclove Naturally Clean pack.

Stainless steel cleaner

Great fragrance and leaves the stainless clean and shiny, no residue

Cheers Maz, nice to hear!

Glass and Mirror Cleaner

Best Glass and Mirror Cleaner I have used.
Thank you. Love your products.

Thank you Anna great to hear that!

Fabulous product

I love this product. All of the bedding smells wonderful and it’s naturally hygienic and safe, which we love

Thank you Sharon!

So good!

This spray is a winner on several levels. It smells great, sanitises your mattress and you sleep better knowing your bed is fresh and clean.

Happy to hear that its helping you sleep better Sue!

Sleep better

Smells great and helps you to relax and get a better sleep

Thank you Anna, happy to hear that it helps you sleep better.

Love these products. Customer service is amazing and it's great to support a local business.

Thank you so much Adrian, really appreciate it

Super effective products with all natural ingredients. We're proud to use Euclove's products in our house! Their kitchen spray is the BEST among other products we've tried so far!

Wow! Thank you so much Danling, so happy to hear that!

Floor cleaner - This is a lovely product. Just be careful pouring it as it's like water in its consistency. I thought it would be a bit thicker, however would buy again. I'll just use a smaller cup to measure it out which isn't a big deal to do.

My order was here with in the week I liked the cleaners very happy

Love it - awesome keeps the bugs away smells awesome

Lovely fragrance - This is the best vegan and palm oil free home spray to help eliminate cat odours. The bulk size bottle is good for reducing packaging.

This stuff is amazing! - It's my first time trying something from Euclove (I need to try more haha), and this is amazing. Great value for the size, and you could probably take it with you if you travel. It's definitely worth the money. It's foamy so it lathers up well and you only need 1 pump. It smells AMAZING and makes your hands feel so clean & soft. I get Eczema on my hands from washing them too much, especially with COVID, but not with this, it feels so soothing. Thanks Euclove & F+F, I need to get more of this!

Good cleaner - Works well for stainless steel. Cleaned my fridge, microwave and bread maker with it. Wasn’t sure how strong the clove fragrance would be but isn’t over powering, I quite like it. I like that they do bulk refills as the triggers can be hard to recycle.

Nice scent - I like this hand wash but it is more runny than others I’ve used. A little does go a long way and it smells nice too.

Smells so good - Love, love, love the smell of this. I put it on my bed every night as I find the smell so soothing and relaxing which helps me sleep better. Would definitely repurchase .

Euclove Natural Stainless Steel Cleaner - Do not come across many stainless steel cleaners so thought I would give this go and it is quite good. Use it on my fridge, dishwasher and front of stove. Happy with the result from it and just use a microfibre cloth. Smells lovely.

My order was here with in the week I liked the cleaners very happy

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