Environmentally friendly high-performing cleaning products that combine nature's beauty with functionality.

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The wait is over, the softest, most effective microfibre cleaning cloths are here!

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Made from recycled plastic ♻️

Made from recycled plastic

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    From our family to yours, Euclove is a range of effective natural products for everyday life.


    Ingredients from nature that perform brilliantly and are better for our planet.


    We partner with people working to help struggling families and kids without families.


    Combining the power of traditional liquid soaps for their superior cleansing properties with therapy grade pure essential oils for their benefits.

  • 100% NATURAL

    Natural ingredients that are proven to perform and have a wide range of benefits from anti-bacterial Australian Eucalyptus to anti-mould Indian Clove oil.


    We choose ingredients with purpose and formulate that are products safe to use around kids & pets while being tough on dirt.

From our family to yours

Our story begins over 50 years ago in Melbourne with our mum, Pat.

She had an incredibly green thumb, grew and sourced her own herbs and plants to help her large family and friends keep their homes clean and fresh, as well as fix many skin ailments from itchy bites to sunburn.

Inspired by her commitment and passion, we created Euclove. A range of effective natural products to help keep families safe and reduce unnecessary toxic chemicals in everyday life.

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Have a question? We have some answers

Aren't essential oils dangerous for pets? How are the products safe to use around them?

Some essential oils can be harmful when used topically on pets or diffused.

So, we consult vets while formulating the products to make sure that they are used within safe levels. We have 2 cats at home ourselves and they're part of the family.

How long do the products last?

The products are pretty powerful so a little goes a long way. In a typical household with 2 adults and 2 kids, the Kitchen cleaner lasts about a month.

We're on a septic system, are the products safe to use in septic systems?

Yes, the ingredients are all natural and do not harm the balance of septic systems. So they are safe to use.

Are the products safe to use around kids?

Yes, unlike chemical cleaning products, our products are safe to be used around kids. We encourage kids to learn about home hygiene and love it when they clean up after themselves 😊

How much is shipping? Do you offer free shipping?

We ship orders daily from our factory in Melbourne. Shipping is $10 Australia wide for orders under $89. We offer complimentary shipping on orders over $89.

Where are the products made?

We make our products in Australia in our factory in Dandenong South, VIC.