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100% Natural & Non-Toxic

No Animal Testing

Recycled & Recyclable

101 Day Guarantee

Switch To Natural Cleaning Pack

Switch To Natural Cleaning Pack

Switch To Natural Cleaning Pack

Switch To Natural Cleaning Pack

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"Great cleaning kit - I feel somewhat uplifted after using the Bathroom cleaner the sensational clove oil as well as the Kitchen cleaner. Would totally recommend all the products in this pack."

Lyn, Nhill VIC

Swap out chemical cleaners for some of the best performing natural cleaning products with this pack

  • EASY SWITCH – Everything you need to swap out nasty chemicals for natural, effective cleaning products.
  • SMELLS AMAZING – Products with pure essential oil blends that smell amazing in various products.
  • CONVENIENT PACK – The best way to switch to natural cleaning products from regular nasty chemicals.
  • MADE IN AUSTRALIA – We make these products in our factory based in Melbourne.
  • GREY WATER & SEPTIC SAFE – Ingredients carefully chosen to ensure safety to septic systems and grey water use.
  • PACK CONTENTS: Kitchen Cleaner 500 ml, Bathroom Cleaner 500 ml, Linen Spray 500 ml.

OUR PETS & ESSENTIAL OILS: Rest assured that the products are safe to use around our fur family. We carefully formulate all our products to be effective and safe for families, pets and our planet.

101 Day Happiness Guarantee!

We have a 101 Day Happiness Guarantee. You’re going to love our products so much that we guarantee it. In the unlikely chance that you try one of our products and don't like it, we’ll give you your money back — no questions asked!

$10 anywhere in Australia, FREE over $89

Your order ships in 2-3 working days from our factory in Melbourne with Australia Post.

Smells Like

Refreshing and unique natural pure essential oil blends - differs by product.

Made in Australia

Natural and Non-Toxic

No Animal Testing

Recycled Plastic

No Synthetic Chemicals

Satisfaction Guarantee

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"Great cleaning kit - I feel somewhat uplifted after using the Bathroom cleaner the sensational clove oil as well as the Kitchen cleaner. Would totally recommend all the products in this pack."

Effective without compromise

There's a common misperception that natural products are not as effective as cleaning chemicals.

This is simply not true.

So, what makes our cleaning products effective? It comes down to ingredients.

We make traditional liquid soaps from natural ingredients like Coconut & Olive oils and combine them with pure essential oils with benefits and purpose.

Real People, Real Photos

Results you can see - the photos you see are sent through from customers who have used and love the products.

Safe around kids and pets

Did you know that some essential oils can be dangerous for our fur family? It's true! That's why we work closely with veterinarians while formulating our products to make sure they are completely safe for our beloved pets. We understand the unique sensitivities they have, and our vet-approved formula puts their well-being first. 🐾💚

Our product range is safe to use around pets! We care deeply about the well-being of our furry companions. That is which is why we take extra steps to ensure our cleaning products are pet-friendly. 🐶🐱

Customer Reviews

Based on 195 reviews
Fiona Prange
Kitchen Cleaner

Amazing product that can be used for more than just the kitchen. I have walls that were dirty and NOTHING was removing it. One spray of the kitchen cleaner and they are clean!!

Glad you like it Fiona! Appreciate you taking the time write a reivew :)

Angela Clark
natural cleaning

So far so good. I'm enjoying using all the natural products, and the smell of cloves is lovely on the linen. Very happy so far with the change. Thankyou.

Lynette Kelly

I think by the amount of purchases I’ve made in a few months says it all. THANKYOU I love it

Louise Y

works very well for wiping up spills and smears with a lovely scent

Sharon Hernaman

No nasty smells to spray
Love it

Have a question? We've answer some commone ones here.

Q: Can you use the kitchen cleaner on caesarstone?

A: Yes, it is suitable for engineered surfaces like caesarstone. Just make sure the product doesn’t pool in one spot.

Q: Can natural products be really effective?

A: Effectiveness comes down to ingredients. Our traditional liquid soap made from Coconut oil is one of the best cleaners. You have to see it to believe it, check out the before and after photo on this page!

Q: We're on a septic or grey water system. Are the products safe to use in these systems?

A: Our product formulations are all safe to use in modern septic systems. We ensure that the ingredients and our finished products are all safe to use in greywater and septic systems.

Q: Are these products safe to use around my pets? I have 2 cats and a dog.

A: Some essential oils can be dangerous and toxic to cats and dogs. We consult veterinarian professionals while formulating our products. We use essential oils judiciously. We have 2 cats at home ourselves and have plenty of customers with dogs.

Q: Hello, just wondering if the camphor in your products is toxic?

A: Thanks for asking this! We use less than 0.02% camphor to help keep insects away naturally. We make sure the active ingredients are all well within safe levels even though they are natural. By contrast, Vicks vaporub for example has 4%-5% camphor.

Q: I’m looking for something that will work but isn’t bleach and is also cat and kid friendly.

A: Yes! The premium grade Clove oil we use is a rich source of a compound called Eugenol that helps to fight and also prevent mould when used regularly. Bleach while being toxic to use and inhale also doesn’t kill mould. It simply changes the colour of the mould to white. So, it’ll come back again. Regular use of Euclove Bathroom cleaner, prevents mould from coming back.

Still have a question? Hit us up on the Chat or contact us. We love talking to people and answering questions.

For general questions, also check out our FAQ page.


Harnessing the power of pure essential oils

Every ingredient has a purpose and benefits. We never use an essential oil just for the smell, even though they smell amazing! Made with care using traditional steam distillation, our therapy grade pure essential oils are sustainably gorwn in their native lands.

Made from effective natural ingredients

Soaps made from Coconut and Olive oils are fantastic at removing grease and grime.

We use clean, natural ingredients to make products that are effective yet natural.

And pure essential oils

We carefully select essential oils that are known for their benefits - from antibacterial Eucalyptus to relaxing Lavender and Vetiver oils.

Every ingredient has benefits and purpose.