Tired of having allergies caused by dust mites?



Euclove's Linen & Bedding Spray fights dust mites and bed bugs, smells amazing, helps you sleep better and can be sprayed directly on beds, mattresses, pillows and sheets.

Say Goodbye to Dust Mites and Hello to Blissful Sleep!

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Try it risk-free for 101 days. Love it, or get a full refund.

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"Love love love your bed bug linen spray! Now I no longer get bitten and sleep easy. Thank you for your product!" - 

Trudy M, Eltham, VIC (Verified Customer)

Say Goodbye to Dust Mites and Hello to Blissful Sleep!

Are you tired of waking up with allergies without knowing what is causing them?

Do you struggle to get a good night's sleep because of those pesky dust mites invading your bed?

It's time to take control of your sleep environment and reclaim your comfort. Here's how you can get rid of those unwelcome guests once and for all!

MEET Euclove's 100% Natural Linen & Bedding Spray!

Our Linen & Bedding Spray is a game-changer when it comes to helping to fight dust mites, bugs, and lice. Powered by 100% natural ingredients, including premium essential oils.

Not only does our Linen & Bedding Spray eliminate dust mites, but it also leaves your bedding smelling absolutely amazing. It's a breath of fresh air for both you and your loved ones.

🌱 Smells Like 🌱
Calming, relaxing blend of essential oils that smell distinctively of Lavender, Blue Gum Eucalyptus with a hint of earthy Vetiver.



It's Safe for kids and pets!

We understand the importance of keeping your family safe from harmful chemicals. That's why our Linen & Bedding Spray only uses 100% natural ingredients, including:

Neem Oil
Lavender Oil
Eucalyptus Blue Gum Oil
Vetiver Oil

Our therapy-grade essential oils are made from ingredients ethically sourced from their native habitats. Providing more than just pleasant aromas, the ingredients have been traditionally known for their unique insect-fighting properties.

These natural ingredients are safe to use around kids and pets, providing you with peace of mind and a healthier living space.

It's gentle enough to use around kids and pets so you can have peace of mind and better sleep.



101-Day Money-back Guarantee

We're so confident you'll love our effective, natural products that we offer a risk free guarantee.

We'll gladly refund your purchase if you're not completely satisfied with our products within 101 days.

Try our Natural Linen Spray and enjoy a restful nights sleep - guaranteed!



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"Got the best sleep ever"

“I was pleasantly surprised when I used the product. Really smells clean and fresh. Really improved my sleep. Communication was fantastic! Loved the personal thank you note in the box!”

- Anna, Darling Harbour NSW (Verified)

About Euclove

About Love Nightshift

After learning that, for many reasons blocking out light is the single most important factor in getting good sleep, we decided to make the best luxury sleep mask available.

There was no sleep mask available that was designed for long-term, heavy-duty use. They were all designed as novelty gifts or as one-time-use travel items.

Our eye mask was initially designed to help night shift workers stay asleep during daylight, which means that it is even better for night sleep, travel, meditation, and naps.

Join 10,000+ happy customers and get better sleep with Love Nightshift.

Our story begins over 50 years ago, when our mum, who has an incredibly green thumb, grew and sourced her own herbs and plants to help her large family and friends keep their homes clean and fresh, as well as fix many skin ailments from itchy bites to sunburn.

Our mission is to help keep families safe by making natural, toxin-free, effective products affordable to reach as many people as possible.

We wanted to bring a product range to market that was natural, didn’t have anything nasty in it but was also effective and affordable. After 18 months in development, we launched the Euclove product range in February 2017.

We are on a mission to make natural products cost comparable to chemical alternatives so people don’t have to choose chemicals to save money.

If this resonates with you, join 8,000+ happy Australians who use our products.

Frequently Asked Questions

My pets sleep on my bed. Are the products safe to use around pets?

Yes, all our products are safe to use around pets. With essential oils we are very careful around pets. We consult vets when we formulate products. We also have 2 cats at home so we're very aware of looking after our fur family.

Will it leave any residue on my bedding?

Not at all, the ingredients only leave a lingering, calming fragrance to help you sleep better. Natural alcohol from Queensland, Australia helps to dry quickly.

Is the spray ok to use on clothing? I’d like to spritz it in their wardrobe to avoid musty smells.

Yes, absolutely! Our customers use it regularly on clothing, wardrobes and linen cupboards. We’ve also heard from people that it helped to get rid of moths in the wardrobe.

How often should I use it and how long does the product last?

We suggest spraying it every time you change your sheets and bed linen. The products last quite a while - a 500 ml linen spray will last about 2 months if you use it regularly.


We're so confident you'll love your Linen & Bedding Spray that we offer a 101 day happiness guarantee. If you don't love it, you'll get a full refund.


Thousands of customers use our  natural linen spray that smells amazing to feel protected and to get a better nights sleep.


"Lovely products! Non-toxic! Pleasant smell! Highly recommended." - Joanne Ostashkevich (Verified)