About Us, our values

Our Mission

Inspired by our mum Pat, our mission is to keep families safe by making effective, natural products affordable so people don't have to choose toxic chemical alternatives because they are cheaper.

We put People before Profits

We value the people in our business more than anything else, even more than profits. Our inspiration and mum Pat helped look after people who couldn't look after themselves. She had always cared for people. We take inspiration from her.

Our approach is simple - when we care for and look after our people, they care for and look after our customers.

We are Kind, Honest and Transparent

We are kind, honest and transparent in everything we do - from being transparent with the ingredients we use to make our products, to owning the mistakes we make and working to make it right. 

We Share knowledge so we can drive positive change

We believe when people understand beyond marketing messages, they can make the right choice for them and make positive changes for themselves. So, we share knowledge - the knowledge we gain in researching markets and products, things we learn from our suppliers and the world in general. 

We Support and Give back to our Community

We give back to our community because if feels good. We have a responsibility to support and give back to our community. It feels good to make an positive impact in the lives of people who grow our ingredients.