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Euclove Ultimate Cleaning Pack – gift worthy pack to easily switch to natural cleaning products

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  • THE ULTIMATE GIFT OF CLEAN :– Give someone you love (or yourself!) the gift of clean. Perfect for new parents, housewarming gifts, VIP gifts for your business clients or customers, school and charity fundraisers.
  • SMELLS AMAZING :– Products with pure essential oil blends that smell amazing in various products.
  • CONVENIENT PACK :– The best way to switch to natural cleaning products from regular nasty chemicals.
  • MADE IN AUSTRALIA FROM 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS :– Say goodbye to cheap and nasty chemicals. Our products are made from 100% natural ingredients and free from parabens, preservatives, SLS, sulphates, bleach, phenols or other nasty chemicals.
  • VEGAN & CRUELTY FREE :– Never tested on animals, 100% plant based Vegan certified ingredients.
  • GREY WATER & SEPTIC SAFE :– Ingredients carefully chosen to ensure safety to septic systems and grey water use.
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This is THE ultimate pack of natural all-purpose cleaners online!

If you have been planning to switch over from synthetic and toxic cleaning products to natural household cleaners and products, this pack will make it easier for you. This pack of cleaning products includes everything you might need, right from chemical-free kitchen, floor and bathroom cleaners to hand sanitizers, bathroom sprays and more.

At Euclove, we strive to keep homes and families across Australia safer, by providing natural and environmentally friendly alternatives to the chemically laden products that are otherwise used. But while our products are all natural, we also take care to ensure that they are as effective as their chemical counterparts. In fact, every ingredient in each of our products has been carefully considered and included only after it has proven its efficacy across multiple trials. These would also include a potent blend of essential oils, which would leave your home bathed in mood-elevating fragrances. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that our products are tough on dirt, grime and stains, and yet, gentle enough to be used around young kids.

Unlike other non-toxic and natural household cleaners and products, our products are affordably priced and beautifully packaged, making them a great addition to any home.

What the ultimate pack includes:

– Kitchen Cleaner 500 ml – perfect on most hard surfaces and for general cleaning

– Bathroom Cleaner 500 ml – antimouldantibacterial and smells amazing with Eucalyptus & Clove oils

 – Floor Cleaner 500 ml – streak and rinse free cleaning for most hard flooring surfaces with Australian Blue Gum Eucalyptus, sure to leave your home with a lingering fragrance

 – Bedding & Mattress Spray 500 ml – for a great night’s sleep using a blend of Vetiver, Eucalyptus and Lavender essential oilsNeem oil to fight bed bugs and lice.

 – Hand Sanitiser 50 ml Personal Size – with 75% alcohol and an amazing blend of pure essential oils, our natural hand sanitiser not only kills 99.9% of germs, it also feels and smells amazing. Don’t leave home without it!

 – Home Spray Signature Blend 300 ml – one of the latest products in our range and quickly becoming popular, our home spray removes nasty odours and lasts for at least 6 hours!

 – Hand Wash with Lavender & Rose Geranium 300 ml – A luxurious foaming hand wash that is 100% natural, traditional Coconut & Neem oil liquid soap with pure essential oils from France and India. The soap leaves your hands feeling nourished and smelling amazing.

 – Premium Microfibre Cloth – No cleaning pack is complete without a good quality cloth. Our microfibre cloth is premium quality, easy to keep clean and does the job every time.

 – Natural Jute Caddie – 100% natural, ethically sourced and hand made in India.

 We are sure that you wouldn’t find a better deal on a natural, all-purpose cleaner online. If you’d like to gift this pack, we can also gift wrap it if you would like. Please request in comments at checkout.


The pack contains products with all natural ingredients. Ingredient transparency is one of our core values and consider the ingredients to be the heroes in our products.

For details on the ingredients in each product, please see www.euclove.com.au/ingredients.


We make our products using natural ingredients, they will sometimes settle. For best results, please shake well before use.

Kitchen cleaner :– Spray directly onto kitchen surfaces and wipe thoroughly with soft dry or slightly damp cloth. Our ingredients are food safe. Suitable for most common kitchen surfaces. If you’re unsure, we recommend spot testing.

Bathroom cleaner :– Spray directly onto bathroom surfaces and tiles, wipe thoroughly with soft dry or slightly damp cloth. To help fight mildew, spray, leave for 12 hours – rinse & dry. To help fight mould, spray directly on black spots and areas. To it coming back, spray the bathroom cleaner regularly, about once or twice a week should do it. Suitable for most common kitchen surfaces. If you’re unsure, we recommend spot testing.

Floor cleaner :– Dilute 2 capfuls of the product for each litre of warm water and wipe thoroughly with cloth or mop. Great for most floor types including wood, ceramic or porcelain tiles.

Bedding & Mattress spray :– Spray at arm’s length directly on bedding, linen, mattresses and pillows, allow to dry for a few minutes so as not to leave bedding wet – the sugarcane alcohol helps with this. Once touch, dry put on your fresh linen. It leaves your bedding smelling so beautiful and fresh. Use at every linen change.

Hand Wash :– Pump into hands either wet or dry and rub. Our liquid soap with has natural Vitamin E from Neem oil and will nourish your hand while the purposefully chosen essential oils with skin loving properties helps moisturise your hands naturally.

Home Spray :– Spray around your home, bathrooms & toilets for long lasting beautiful smells from our purpose blended essential oils.

Woven Microfibre Cloth :– Use dry for dusting or wet to wipe and clean up. Cold machine wash and air dry. Please do not machine dry.

Hand sanitiser :– Pump into hands either wet or dry and rub. The quick dry formulation with glycerine and essential oils leaves your hands moist and nourished.

For the best cleaning results, we recommend using a microfibre cloth. That way, you get cleaner surfaces with the same effort because the microfibre is picking up more particles than a normal cloth.

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