Linen Mattress Bedding Spray

Linen Mattress Bedding Spray

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Helps get a good night’s sleep while giving you peace of mind from bed bugs and lice. Contains 100% natural Neem oil, Eucalyptus, Lavender and Vetiver essential oils

Why Is It Different?
  • HELPS FIGHT BEDBUGS & LICE With powerful Indian Neem oil to help fight bed bugs, lice, mites & silverfish.
  • AROMATHERPY PROPERTIES OF PURE ESSENTIAL OILS Pure essential oil blend of French and Bulgarian Lavender and Indian Vetiver help you relax and get a good night’s sleep.
  • SMELLS AMAZING Pure essential oil blend that smells amazing – Lavender, Vetiver and Australian Eucalyptus oils.
  • VERSATILE Suitable for linen, bedding, mattresses, pillows, fabric and shoes.
  • MADE IN AUSTRALIA FROM 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS Say goodbye to cheap and nasty chemicals. Our products are made from 100% natural ingredients and free from parabens, preservatives, SLS, sulphates, bleach, phenols or other nasty chemicals.
  • VEGAN & CRUELTY FREE Never tested on animals, 100% plant based Vegan certified ingredients.

Ingredient transparency is one of our core values and we consider them to be the Heroes of the products we make. We love showing customers exactly what goes into the products they use every day, allowing you to see for yourself just what you are purchasing from us.

Below are all the ingredients in this product, their purpose and where they come from. We source all our ingredients from where they’re natively grown.

Ingredient Purpose & Properties Source
Neem Oil Proven to help fight bed bugs, lice and mites. India
Eucalyptus Oil Eucalyptus oil is known for its antibacterial properties. Australia
Lavender Oil Lavender helps you relax in bed with its aromatherapy properties. France
Vetiver Oil Vetiver oil is known to relieve anxiety so we use it to help you get a good night’s sleep. India
Solubiliser Our natural plant-based solubiliser blends the oils and water together. It is derived from almond oil and coconut sugar. Australia
Purified Water Keeps the product shelf stable for at least 18 months. Australia

When looking for the right linen, bedding or mattress spray with essential oils, it is also important to make sure you buy a mattress freshener spray that helps you sleep while keeping your mattresses smelling great.


After you have removed your sheets and pillowcases for changing, spray at arm’s length directly on mattresses and pillows, allow to dry for a few minutes so as not to leave bedding wet. Once touch dry put on your fresh linen. It leaves your bedding smelling so beautiful and fresh. Use at every linen change.

As the product is natural, please shake well before use. Spot test as required before use.

Avoid getting in eyes. If in eyes, wash in cold water and seek medical attention if symptoms persist.

Certified Cruelty Free and Made in Melbourne, Australia.

Customer Reviews

Based on 164 reviews
Carol Iannacone
Bedding spray

I love this spay it smells good and I feel clean.

Gloria Fiddler

I’m sorry, but I haven’t used it yet. Soon I hope..

Julie Bell
Excellent product

Seems to be working well

Danielle Hayes
Amazing product

We had a moth problem and our clothes were being ruined in our wardrobe. After spraying with The Linen, Bedding and Mattress Spray, we haven’t seen any further moth activity and our clothes are finally safe. So grateful to have found this product. I’m spraying it everywhere now, as the moths were also eating the carpet. Amazing!

Lisa Jaye
Natural linen, bedding & mattress spray.

So nice knowing that we sleep on clean mattresses. I spray this product on after vacuuming & airing the mattress. Smells amazing. Refreshing.

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