Euclove offers a wide range of non-toxic cleaning products that are made using essential oils and ingredients that are 100% natural. The products are plant-based, cruelty-free, and vegan. They are also antibacterial and anti-mould, making them ideal.

Our natural non-toxic cleaning products include everything, from mattress sprays and bathroom cleaners to home sprays and dish wash soaps. Our products are specifically designed to help you keep your homes clean without harming the environment.

The non-toxicity of the products makes it all the more ideal for homes with children and pets who are more sustainable to chemicals and toxins often used in floor cleaners.

Euclove’s sustainable cleaning products allow parents to be more at ease without constantly worrying about the potential hazards of cleaners.


You can buy our non-toxic cleaning products in Australia in a number of sizes convenient for your usage:

50 ml bottle – This bottle is ideal as a travel carry-on, eliminating the need for bulky bottles in your baggage.

300 ml bottle – For those trying out our sustainable cleaning products for the first time, this little bottle is ideal.

500 ml bottle – Our 500 ml bottle is convenient for everyday use in keeping your homes clean.

1-litre refill – Our 1-litre refill helps you reuse existing bottles conveniently.

5-litre bottle – This refill is perfect for those stocking up on cleaning supplies for the long run.

20-litre bulk – The 20-litre bulk is ideal for commercial use. Additionally, we only make use of repurposed cans that further reduce our carbon footprints. The bulk cans also come with a tap to make access convenient for you.

Note: Since the cans are repurposed, the colour of the can may vary each time.

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