We love our pets, they’re very much part of our families. 

Homes with pets are happy places. You not only have a companion with you through thick and thin but also have a stress buster all packed in one ball of fur. And these furry balls of love need all the care and attention you can give. Our pets eat off the floor, lick and do a lot more around the house. What we don’t often realise is that chemical based cleaning products often contain synthetic chemicals that can hur our furry family members. While you may clean their surroundings often, not using pet-friendly cleaning products can have adverse effects on your pets.

Pets are as curious as babies. With their toys scattered around the floor, it is as easy as breathing for them lick the floor while picking up a random item. And these floors, laden with chemical cleaners, can prove to be hazardous to their health in the long run.

At Euclove, we believe in keeping the home safe for every member of the family by providing pet safe and pet-friendly products to clean the surfaces of your homes. These pet-friendly floor cleaners are made using natural ingredients meticulously sourced.

Our cleaning products are made from 100% natural ingredients, are anti-bacterial, chemical-free, eco-friendly, and ideal for every home. The cleaner is free of all synthetic chemicals and is also cruelty-free. The pet-friendly cleaners at Euclove also help keep insects away     .

So, whether your pet is in the habit of eating food off the floor or lolling about on these surfaces, you can be sure of their safety at all times.

You can purchase our pet-safe floor cleaner in Australia in a number of sizes available for your convenience. As pet owners ourselves, we make sure that our products are the best cleaning products for dog owners, cat owners, or owners of other domesticated pets. We help create a safe environment for your pets so that you never have to worry about it in the long run!

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