Natural Bed Bug Spray

Bed bugs can be a pain, whether it is a home infestation or something you deal with as a result of frequent travelling. They may not always be visible but bed bugs can wreak havoc if left to their own devices.

While bed bug sprays are a great help in dealing with bed bug infestations, they can cause further harm because of toxic, synthetic chemicals used in common products on the marketUsing bed bug sprays around children or pets can be particularly harmful. With this in mind, we  created a natural bedding & mattress spray that has no harmful effects on the environment

Neem oil is well known for its properties in helping to fight bed bugs and lice. We’ve combined it with Eucalyptus Oil for its anti-bacterial properties and Vetiver & Lavender essential oils to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Our natural bed bug spray is made using naturally sourced ingredients that are toxin-free. The product is safe to be used around people with respiratory issues and will cause no damage to your furnishings.     

Our bedding & Mattress Spray     

Leaves surfaces smelling beautifully fresh and relaxing :

Made in Australia using all-natural ingredients

Safe to use around children and pets     

Quick dry formulation with alcohol derived naturally from sugarcane

Directions for use :

We recommend using our Bedding & Mattress Spray every time you change your sheets and linen.  Spray on bedding, linen, pillows, pillow cases, bed frames, mattresses and around spots on your mattresses where bed bugs and lice like to hide. Allow a few minutes to dry.          



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