Frequently (and some not-so-frequently) Asked Questions

What do you put into the cleaning products? What are your ingredients?

Our products contain our own coconut oil soap, premium quality pure essential oils like Eucalyptus, Clove, Tea Tree and Menthol. We also use 100% natural, plant based emulsifiers. Australian rules do not require cleaning products to be transparent about their ingredients. But, we believe in transparency as it helps you make better decisions for your family. We think the industry should change and all cleaning products should be transparent with their ingredients list.

Are the products safe for children?

Absolutely! We only use plant based ingredients that are natural and safe (not all natural products are safe, many can be poisonous!). We do not use any harmful or toxic ingredients. We even have childcares and kindergartens that use our products in bulk cans!

Are the products safe for pets?

We recognise that some pets are more sensitive to certain essential oils. We maintain the ratios of essential oils in our products so that they are safe for pets.

What about mirrors and glass?

Our Bathroom formula is designed to cut through tough grime on mirrors, glass, shower screens. So, we don't have a separate cleaner for glass and mirrors.

Do you test on animals?

No, we are completely cruelty free and are accredited by Choose Cruelty Free. You can also verify our Accreditation Certificate. We do not test any of our products on animals. We also ensure that our suppliers do not test on animals.

Are you Australian Made?

Yes, we make all our cleaning  products locally in Melbourne from quality ingredients. Our micro fibre cloths are made to the highest quality. So to keep them affordable, we make them in China to our strict standards. We also source our packaging locally.

Are the products sustainable?

Yes, we source our ingredients from renewable products. Our refill bulk cans help even further by reducing bottle wastage. Also, our manufacturing facility runs on solar power during the day.

Are there any animal products in your cleaning products?

No, our products are made from plant based ingredients and are 100% vegan.

Why aren’t the ingredients listed on the labels?

As a relatively new business, it’s an oversight on our part. The new next lot of labels we print have already been designed and will include the list of ingredients.

Where do you source your ingredients?

Our cleaning product  ingredients are sourced from Australia and India. Most of the essential oils we use are native to Australia or India. So, we work with our suppliers to ensure that we understand the Country of Origin for each of our ingredients.

Do I need to use more of the products to clean properly because they're natural?

Not at all! Our products are very effective because what you get is our concentrated cleaning product straight from our manufacturing process without any dilution. Chemical cleaners are usually diluted down before they're packaged for consumer use. So, use our products as you would any other cleaner. You don't need any more for a full, effective clean. If the area is particularly dirty, spray and leave for a few minutes before wiping it down.

Can I refill my bottles instead of throwing them away?

Yes! Why throw away a perfectly good bottle? We supply all our products in 20 litre cans. Soon, we will also make them in more convenient 5 litre cans which will last for a whole year. Its even better for the environment.

Can I get the products in bulk quantities?

Yes, all our products are available in commercial quantities in bulk cans. Please contact us on for additional information, pricing and freight.

Do you wholesale your products?

Yes. We aim to have our products reach as many people as possible. We also love supporting local business. Our products are available to wholesale clients. Please contact us through our wholesale enquiry if you would like to wholesale our products.

Where do you make the products?

Our cleaning products are made locally in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Do you ship outside of Australia?

We would love to make our products available to as many people as possible. If you are interested in having our products available in your country, please contact us at

We are a charity, not-for-profit or community organisation looking for support. Can you help us?

We are passionate about supporting local communities and organisations. We regularly donate to raffles, fund-raisers and community initiatives. If you would like help or support, please contact us at

Are your products 100% natural?

Yes, all our cleaning products are 100% natural. We do not add any preservatives, synthetic chemicals, colours or fragrances. The fragrance in our products is from the essential oils and the oils also act to preserve the soap.

We are a cleaning company – can we get commercial quantities of your products?

Yes, all our cleaning products are also available in commercial quantities in 20 litre units. Please contact us at for additional information and pricing.

Are the products bio-degradable and septic safe?

Yes, our cleaning products are completely bio-degradable and septic safe. We consider potential impact on our environment and septic systems while designing our products.

I run a market stall, can I get wholesale pricing?

Absolutely! We love markets ourselves and love supporting local businesses. Please contact us for wholesale pricing, point of sale support and freight. Just email or submit your enquiry online and we’ll get back to you, usually within a few hours.

What if I have a question that hasn't been answered here?

No worries - we'll be happy to try and answer your questions. Just contact us and let us know!



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