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There is a joy of gifting. And then, there is the joy of gifting something that makes a difference, not only to the recipient, but to our planet as well.

It is not always easy to change a habit. And when the habit is to pick up conventional synthetic chemical cleaners, laced with harmful chemicals as the first option, it can be tricky to have them switch.

This is why we bring to you our best selling cleaning products in a convenient gift-worthy pack! These not only make for a great, high utility gifting option, but will also invite appreciation for the thoughtfulness behind it. For all you know, you could even be introducing a new person to the magic and effectiveness of non-toxic, plant based cleaners, and gently nudge them to consider a natural alternative to toxic, chemically laden cleaners.

Our Best Seller Gift Pack comes with cleaning products we use the most.

Contents of the our gift pack:

● Kitchen Cleaner 300 ml – perfect on most hard surfaces and for general cleaning

● Bathroom Cleaner 300 ml – helps fight mould with pure Clove Oil from Indiaantibacterial and smells amazing with Australian Eucalyptus

● Bedding & Mattress Spray 300 ml – for a great nights sleep using a blend of Vetiver, Eucalyptus and Lavender essential oils. Neem oil to help fight bed bugs and lice.

● Natural Jute Caddie – 100% natural, ethically sourced and hand made in India

We are sure that a gift pack with our best selling cleaning products will be received well by all. After all, you can rarely go wrong with a product that is made with so much love! We also offer free environmentally friendly complimentary Gift Wrapping. Just leave a request in the comments when you check out.




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